About Shagun Art Creations

Welcome to our website. We at Shagun Art Creations deliver pure Art Material. Our wide range of products and services has made our jounery in this venture the most sucessful.

Our Products Include:
- Canvas Paintings in all mediums and sizes
- Handcrafted Items such as decorative coasters, cards and frames
- Diwali Decorative items such as trays, diyas, candles, gift boxes, Lord Buddha idols
- Customized Gifts, Paintings and Murals
- Fengshui Paintings for love, happiness, health and wealth
- Photography Prints of nature, floral and landscape
- Madhubani Paintings

It's a fact that we feel the most important things you should know about our company is that we always do what we say. We think that after you get to know us just a little, you'll say, "Shagun Art Creations" is my favorite choice for the Art .

Shagun Art Creations is different because we are Experts at what we do!!!

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We want you to get to know a little bit about Shagun Singh

Shagun Singh a glaring example of total dedication, depth and maturity, she is a phenomenon in the field of Arts. Shagun started her initial intensive training at very tender age from her mother and acquired further knowledge by practising in her free times. From her childhood, through her teens and early adulthood, she knew and pursued her passion for drawing, painting and design, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Her Art education, instruction and mentoring from her mother has provided her with a broad spectrum of understanding and appreciation for all aspects of art. Mastering over different styles of contemporary Art, Shagun is today acclaimed as an outstanding artist of India.
Painting was always an extremely personal way of resolving the contradictions and frustrations of living between what felt like and what was. Overall, Shagun’s art has been most influenced by nature thus making her specialization in Natural, Floral, Landscape, Feng-Shui, Abstract, Colour Melody, Mixture of Natural, Imaginary and Theme paintings.

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If you're looking for a Handicrafted items that offers personalized and excellent gift options, then you should consider looking at the offerings with Shagun Art Creations. And if you're saying "How do I find the best Canvas Paintings," we'd like you to contact us soon.